Another birthday cake

raspberry and blueberry

Any excuse to bake and decorate a cake, and good practice for an upcoming celebration! Baked for a work colleague’s birthday the cake was, thankfully, polished off!

This cake is almost exactly as for my earlier Practice wedding cake but I stepped up the raspberry flavour in the filling and I also added blueberries to the top as both a contrast and a complement to the raspberries.

This time I made a buttercream using Italian meringue to give a soft, mousse-like texture as normal buttercream can be a bit heavy and sometimes a touch “grainy” if the icing sugar has not fully dissolved into the butter. However, disaster struck with the buttercream: when whisking the butter into the meringue it curdled and resembled cottage cheese – now THAT was a first! However, the addition of about 100g cooled, chocolate worked like a dream and the curdled mess came together in moments. I always knew chocolate was the saviour of all things!!

raspberry and blueberry2


Author: Philip

Very much into baking and general cooking.