Savoury Macarons

Although I often go for macarons filled with a fruit ganache, this time I’ve gone for savoury macarons. The light sweetness of the shell is a perfect foil for each of the savoury fillings I have used, with the gentle saltiness coming from the fillings creating a flavour contrast that is, quite simply, divine. Continue reading “Savoury Macarons”


Lemon Meringue Pies

My gran’s lemon meringue pie is hands-down the best lemon meringue pie I have ever tasted. For a lemon meringue pie, every bite has to scream lemon at you, and this is certainly not a lemon meringue pie for anyone who does not love lemons! I prefer, unashamedly, a rustic appearance for these: their elegance lies in the flavours within! Continue reading “Lemon Meringue Pies”

Square Jaffa Cakes bites

I adore jaffa cakes they are fun and quite easy to make either traditionally shaped or with a quirky slant. Not to mention varying the jelly flavour. Continue reading “Square Jaffa Cakes bites”

Perfecting Baguettes

I have tried for some time to make a baguette that is a few levels up from just a shaped piece of dough – whether that happens to be a typically yeasted dough or a sourdough. This approach gives the most tremendous results in terms of flavour and structure.  Continue reading “Perfecting Baguettes”

Camembert, Sultana & Ale Bread

Made with ripe Camembert that melts wonderfully into the dough as it bakes this is a seriously flavoured bread. I had this bread as part of an amazing bread selection served at a restaurant a while ago and couldn’t wait to try making it for myself. And for me a few stunning breads to nibble on prior to a meal is one of life’s real pleasures! Continue reading “Camembert, Sultana & Ale Bread”

Apple, walnut and cider bread

A particularly great loaf to eat with cheese, served with gutsy soups or made into sandwiches (ham and mustard sandwiches made with this bread are particularly good!). But just sliced and slathered with butter is a joy! Continue reading “Apple, walnut and cider bread”

Tangy orange gateau: jaffa cake style!

Jaffa cakes are a favourite sweet treat of mine and while driving home from work the other day I decided to make a large one, gateau-style – I often have sudden whims at seemingly random times! Continue reading “Tangy orange gateau: jaffa cake style!”