Monthly Archives: March 2014

Cream Horns

A teatime classic from decades past, the cream horn is still a great sweet to eat and is easy to make. The flavour and the texture you get as the caster sugar caramelises on the outside of the buttery pastry are wonderful, especially with the richness of the cream. Fillings I have gone for two varieties: […]

Smoked Haddock Tarts – my nod to kedgeree

  Update: this recipe is one of my favourite savoury bakes and I was delighted that BBC Good Food Magazine selected it in their 25th Anniversary issue in 2014. These are very special tarts: crisp, melt-in-the-mouth and gently spiced pastry cases filled with buttery leeks, and flakes of smoked haddock in a just-set and subtly flavoured curried […]

Another sourdough loaf – using a new starter

I am using new starters at the moment, so I need little excuse to play around with making sourdough loaves. This is a no frills loaf, made using organic white flour, although the starter had a couple of feeds with rye flour. But “no frills” in no way means any sacrifice on taste! I was […]

Pear, walnut & Gorgonzola sourdough

Post updated May 2016: further pictures on shaping added, along with pictures of slight loaf variations These full-flavoured loaves have been very much a firm favourite in our house for many years and while it is great as a non-sourdough bread, the sourdough version is seriously terrific. Of all the flavoured breads I make, this is one I make more than […]

Tomato & Pesto Canapés

Home-grown tomatoes with freshly made pesto make for one of my favourite flavour combinations and I have been making simple tarts using these two ingredients for many years. As with many of my bakes, I love eating miniature versions, as the idea of grazing casually on finger-food never fails to excite me, so these canapé-sided tartlets […]

Chocolate Teacakes

This is my take on those wonderful chocolateteacakes you can buy. A great treat for anytime of the day: crisp buttery biscuit base, coated in chocolate, a light vanilla flavoured marshmallow filling and a thin chocolate shell that snaps as you bite into it. A small amount of strawberry purée adds a fragrant zing to the […]

Steak and Chips Supper

A quick and simple supper dish for a treat! I don’t often eat steak and chips, but the flavour of a mature steak – cooked just a touch beyond rare – served with crunchy, almost nutty-flavoured chips that give way to the fluffiest of interiors make for perfection. The crucial things for me with the steaks are that they are […]

Lemongrass & Ginger Croquembouche in an hour!

This is my take on the classic croquembouche, but made smaller and with different flavours: I have filled the choux buns with a lemongrass flavoured crème patissière, topped with a ginger flavoured caramel and decorated with a few thin slices of stem ginger coated with caramel and thin shards of roughly spun sugar. Mind you, the much lighter, […]

Blackcurrant Mousse Gateau

A simple but effective cake that makes for a lovely dessert: two layers of light whisked sponge, sandwiched together with a blackcurrant mousse. A thin layer of the mousse coats the cake, which is then decorated with both dark chocolate and white chocolate cigarellos and a light dusting of blackcurrant powder. While I do make chocolate […]

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Sponge Cake

A 50th birthday cake: layers of Joconde sponge, lightly flavoured with orange zest. The sponge is brushed liberally with Amaretto, and a very thin spreading of fresh raspberry purée. The layers are sandwiched together and covered with fresh raspberry buttercream, into which a little orange zest and a hint of orange oil have been added. A […]

Nut-free Macarons

While I often vary the nuts I use for my macarons, I had never made a macaron that was totally nut-free. As I was to give my students a baking lesson in macarons, being a nut-free school this could have posed something of a challenge…but I thrive on a culinary challenge! After some experimentation with nut […]