Monthly Archives: April 2014

Cake decorated with chocolate plastique

  Something I’d never heard of, let alone made or used until recently, chocolate modelling paste (chocolate plastique) is becoming a favourite decorative medium for me. Now, I am certainly not one to focus on cake decorating: my real passion food-wise is most definitely the baking itself, with the combination of flavours and ingredients and the application […]

Crab Canapés

A very simple canapé: small discs of puff pastry, topped with crab meat that has been mixed with a little fresh mayonnaise, a spritz of lemon juice, some chopped chives and just a little grated Gruyère cheese. These are gorgeous served warm, with chopped chives sprinkled over. However, they become absolutely heavenly when topped with […]

Fougasse bread

This is a lovely French bread that is easy to make and looks great. It is excellent left plain but it flirts with magnificence when all manner of exciting goodies get added to the dough. Torn apart and eaten as it comes (and warm!) a fougasse is great, but it comes into its own when […]

Walnut & raisin sourdough

This is, I think, a very special bread, with a deep savoury flavour punctuated by bursts of juicy raisins amid the crunch of walnuts. I was given tasters of this bread at a local bakery the other day and immediately fell in love with it (although I was less in love with the price!), so […]

Hobbit House Cake

Two of my favourite things: cake and Tolkien! This cake is a hobbit house with its garden and part of the lake. A bountiful feast of fruit and vegetables including radishes, turnips, watermelons, cabbages, cauliflower and carrots might keep the hobbit going for a couple of meals! For the base, the hobbit’s house and the […]

Poached Salmon & Asparagus Tart

I adore tarts: served warm with a good salad, perhaps with some cheese, a few pickles and some good bread they make for a satisfyingly light meal. As salmon and asparagus are such great partners they make a truly wonderful tart. I very lightly poach the salmon and steam the asparagus and set these in […]

The very best sausage rolls……..

At the risk of sounding as though I have fallen straight out of a Carry On film I will state categorically that I absolutely love a good sausage roll. One bite and everything is well with the world! I am so proud of these sausage rolls: it is a recipe of mine, inspired initially by my gran, […]

Homemade Bounty Bars!

An impromptu use of baking “left-overs” and very quick to throw together: I had a little Italian meringue left over after making my mango and passion fruit cheesecakes and I decided to use up the rest of the desiccated coconut used in the bases to make my version of Bounty bars. Can’t be arsed to make Italian […]

Mango & Passionfruit cheesecakes domes

A slight twist on the cheesecake, inspired by one of the goodies served to us when having Afternoon Tea recently. I often get inspiration while eating out and it was fun trying to recreate the feel of this sweet at home. These have crumbly, buttery shortbread bases with a bit of toasted coconut, topped with domes of fresh […]

Prawn Gyozas (savoury dumplings)

These are marvellous dumplings, or pot stickers, with bags of flavour, and are great as starters or appetisers: pillows of soft, sticky dough – lightly shallow fried and then steamed – they are packed with a juicy filling that includes prawns, garlic, chilli and ginger. The crunch and the flavour bursts of the coriander stalks and […]