Monthly Archives: May 2014

Rhubarb & Ginger Cake

Not being a fan of rhubarb, (it’s the texture rather than the flavour), finding palatable ways to use up the allotment rhubarb we inherited years ago is always a challenge. Rhubarb crumble, for example, is a definite no-no for me: it’s my food hell, and nothing else comes close! However, I adore this cake: sharp […]

Beetroot, caramelised shallot & goat’s cheese tarts with walnut pastry

  This is an unapologetically rustic tart: the balance between the earthiness of the beetroot, the tang of the goats’ cheese and the sweet-sharpness of the caramelised shallots is fantastic; even friends of mine who claim not to like either beetroot or goats’ cheese (and shame on them!) polish off this tart quite easily! The […]

Ingredients challenge: pizza

A challenge given to me by my partner earlier in the day: to use just things in the freezer and in the cupboards etc for tea. So no running to the shops for extra goodies! A while back I made panzanella in a similar “use what we’ve got” way,  but this time I decided to make a […]

St Émilion au Chocolat

A very simple and insanely good chocolate dessert, this is my variation of the inspirational and quite fabulous Elizabeth David, whose books, many decades later, are never less than an joy to read. Essentially this is a top-notch chocolate mousse that is indulgent yet light textured, and it eats effortlessly; this might well be a […]

Shiny Chocolate ganache icing for cakes

A very simple and indulgent shiny icing: this ganache is not too sweet and sets to give a nice sheen – an ideal visual, especially if you are not going to be embellishing the cake with further goodies! I have used this recipe, and variations of it, to include coffee, caramel and the like for […]

Simple Crab & Asparagus Tart

Wonderfully simple and very quick to prepare, this is a recipe in a similar vein to my salmon and asparagus tart, created with the aim of using the asparagus from my allotment in different ways. Still, whichever way I go for with the asparagus, steamed asparagus with a little salt, some melted butter and a […]