Bakingfanatic: one year on

I cannot believe how quickly a year has passed since I started my blog! Primarily a way for me to organise the many recipes I have created over the years, my blog rapidly became a significant and exciting part of my life: I love to write about food and even though I have uploaded just over 100 of my own recipes, they are just the tip of the iceberg!

The online food blogging community is a wonderfully addictive world and I am delighted to be in contact with so many people from all over the world, sharing ideas and discussing recipes. And I really can talk about food and baking with like-minded people for ages!

I have succumbed to the world of social media with Twitter (bakingfanatic1), although admittedly most of my tweets are currently just links to my blog posts! 

I have been doing baking sessions with one of my young nieces, Jodie, whenever we all meet up as a family. An ambitious baker and a quick learner, she has made some excellent macarons and cakes. Her first Battenburg cake is below:

Magazine articles:

Since creating my blog I was fortunate to create some indulgent sweet bakes for Sainsbury’s Magazine (September 2014 issue). As an amateur baker, it was even more of a joy to be able to share a taster of my baking in a magazine I always buy, not to mention to feature in a magazine with many big names in the world of food whom I have admired for years! A link to the online version of some of my recipes that feature in the full magazine is here.

And I was beside myself with excitement to have had a fabulously exciting photo shoot of me on a bed of cake tins (an inspired and wonderfully quirky concept) for the main article magazine with Georgia Glynn Smith – a photographer I have long been a fan of and who has done the photography for many a cookery book I own.

I was also delighted to have been asked by the lovely Andrea and Leigh of Brilliant Baking Magazine, an excellent online magazine, for an article on perfecting croissants: with so many stunning articles in each issue, and by some impressive bakers, this was also very humbling. And exciting!

Smoked haddock tarts: my twist on kedgeree
My smoked haddock tarts selected for BBC Good Food Magazine

One of my savoury recipes (smoked haddock tarts) has been selected to appear in BBC Good Food Magazine (the November 2014 edition) in their Readers’ Recipe section. This is another of many food-related magazines I have been reading for so many years so I was over-the-moon to say the least to have been chosen!

The future:

In addition to posting more of my recipes on my blog and cooking many more mouth-watering recipes that others have posted on their blogs, I would certainly love to do more writing for publications. 

I am also eager to bake my way through unfamiliar bakes.

A lot of happy baking is certainly on the cards……  


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2 thoughts on “Bakingfanatic: one year on”

  1. I must thank you for your recipes in Sainsbury’s mag. We have tried all 3 of them several times over. We can’t even pick our favourite from them as they are all great and the kids have been involved with the baking. They especially love doing the white chocolate collar for your strawberry gateau. “Rising star” indeed

    A challenge for you: try and get some of your ideas into supermarkets so people can buy them ready made. Regards, Caroline


    1. thank you for your lovely words. Always great when others get involved with the baking too. Yes re: supermarkets, would be great to do and is on my wish-list


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