Full-English breakfast rolls!

An idea to create a more substantial twist on sausage rolls inspired this bake: a selection of the best English cooked breakfast staples are encased in crisp, buttery puff pastry.

The bacon, sausagemeat and black pudding need to be of the best quality, not just for the flavour but so that as they bake they do not leak water or any of the other extras that might have been added to them.

I quite like to add a little squirt of tomato ketchup along the top of the filling before encasing in the pastry: just enough to complement the rest of the filling. For me, a cooked breakfast without ketchup is an upsetting state of events!

These are perfect as a snack, light bite or even as part of an on-the-go breakfast and a whole batch can be made up and ready to be eaten within about 40 minutes.


This works brilliantly with croissant dough, giving a similar approach as I used with my croissage rolls to give an Anglo-French breakfast bite or a thin bread dough.

I have also made a version using a bread dough into which I combined cooked and finely chopped bacon, rather than using bacon as part of the filling, the result being a well-flavoured, slightly smokey bread surrounding the filling.


These can freeze once shaped, ideally without the egg which become rubbery upon defrosting. However, the trick if you want the egg is to add all of the filling apart from the egg, loosely roll up in greaseproof but do not seal: defrost the whole roll and carefully unroll before adding the egg and then re-rolling, sealing, cutting and baking. The whole re-assembly only takes about 5 minutes.


The amount (and type) of each ingredient is down to personal taste but the following will give about 16 generously sized rolls:

  • approx. 350g all-butter puff pastry
  • 150g black pudding, crumbled
  • tomato ketchup, brown sauce or mustard
  • 8 rashers smoked bacon with the fat trimmed
  • 4 large eggs, boiled gently for about 6 minutes and left to cool in their shells and then shelled and roughly chopped
  • approx. 350g sausagemeat

(1) Roll out the pastry fairly thinly to a rectangle approximately 50cm by 30cm. Lay the bacon along the centre, overlapping a little. Sprinkle the black pudding down the length of the bacon, followed by the sausagemeat and the sauce of choice. Top with the egg.

(2) Bring up the pastry over the filling and pinch to seal. Carefully turn the roll over with the seal underneath and roll gently to slightly compact the filling so that it holds it shape as it bakes. Brush all over with beaten egg and slice, giving slices about 3cm wide.

(3) Bake in an oven preheated to 190C (fan) for about 15-20 minutes. Serve warm or chilled.



Author: Philip

Very much into baking and general cooking.

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