Monthly Archives: October 2014

Wild mushroom tart (gluten-free)

A mixture of rehydrated dried mushrooms and fresh wild mushrooms, cooked down slowly for intensity of flavour, makes a wonderful tart/quiche. Second only to a cheese and onion quiche for me, this is great served warm for so many occasions when good comfort food is the prder of the day. I have been making this […]

Chocolate & raspberry Halloween eyeball cake!!

A cake for a pre-half term Halloween event at school: light chocolate Genoise sponge, sandwiched together with a light, moussey chocolate Italian buttercream and a few fresh raspberries. The cake is surrounded by a thin, crisp tempered chocolate “cobweb”. The eyeballs were made using silicon cake pop moulds, painted with a thin white chocolate casing and filled with chocolate […]

Morello cherry & kirsch pains au chocolat

  More often than not when I make up croissant dough, I usually just make the dough into croissants and pains au chocolat, with no other fripperies. But then even a simple croissant or pain au chocolat is an absolute treat! This time, though, I fancied a slight variation to take into work for early morning […]

Quick & easy gluten-free crab & chilli tarts

Very simple tarts, bursting with flavour! The filling is rich with crab, it is very juicy and it has just a kick of chilli which works so well with crab. I have gone for small tarts here, baked in shallow mince pie tins. I didn’t measure out the filling ingredients so the measurements I give below […]

Passionfruit & strawberry custard slices (gluten-free)

Custard slices are one of my favourite teatime sweet treats, even though I don’t have a very sweet tooth! I love the crispness of the pastry, the richness of the crème pâtissière and the stickyness of the fondant topping. I have never made these before so I couldn’t resist having a go. As with many of […]

Mango and lime “egg cup” desserts

Post updated April 2017: recipe slightly tweaked and re-photographed. I have seen this sort of sweet dessert with sponge and various goodies such as mousse inside an egg shell, although often it is served in the actual egg shell. However, I wanted the whole thing to be edible so I decided to make a light dessert in […]