Quick & easy gluten-free crab & chilli tarts

Very simple tarts, bursting with flavour! The filling is rich with crab, it is very juicy and it has just a kick of chilli which works so well with crab.

I have gone for small tarts here, baked in shallow mince pie tins. I didn’t measure out the filling ingredients so the measurements I give below are approximate, but to the crab I added a little of each additional flavour until I got the right depth of flavour.

Gluten-free shortcrust pastry

Gluten-free shortcrust pastry works very well indeed without adding extra “stuff” to it. The pastry does feel a little different to normal shortcrust pastry but it actually works like dream: not least as there is no shrinkage when the pastry is baked. It does need to be rolled out on a well (gluten-free) floured surface, though, to avoid sticking or between two sheets of clingfilm or greaseproof.

Extra bites!

I also made some mini blind-baked GF pastry cases using the surplus dough and filled them with a quick filling of chorizo and caramelised onion, topped with a little tomato chutney. A simple little nibble!

Gluten-free crab and chilli tarts: makes about 12 mini tarts

Gluten-free pastry:

  • 80g gluten-free flour
  • 30g unsalted butter or margarine
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • large pinch cayenne pepper
  • cold water to mix


  • 160g white crab meat
  • a little chilli, finely chopped
  • a little grated ginger
  • a pinch of fine sea salt
  • 1 egg, beaten with roughly the same volume of milk or cream

(1) Make the pastry: mix the flour, salt and cayenne together. Add the butter and rub gently until incorporated. Add enough water to mix to a soft dough and knead lightly until smooth. Roll out thinly and cut out circles of the pastry. Line small tart tins or mince pie tins with the pastry circles.

(2) Mix the filling ingredients together with about half of the egg mixture. Spoon into the pastry cases and carefully spoon over a little more of the egg mixture.

(3) Bake for about 15 minutes  at 170C (fan) until the filling is golden brown: the egg will be just set, giving a soft, juicy filling.




Author: Philip

A love of growing fruit & veg, cooking and eating - with a penchant for baking. Contestant on Britain’s Best Home Cook (2018).

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