A Christmas wedding cake

A wedding cake I made recently for two of my colleagues: a simple design with deep blue, silver and white as the key colours, from the ribbons to the sugar flowers; particularly fitting for a wedding taking place just before Christmas.

Each tier is a Victoria Sponge cake, flavoured with lemon zest, but with different flavoured buttercream:

  • raspberry buttercream with fresh and dried raspberries for the 12″ bottom tier
  • passionfruit buttercream and passionfruit curd for the 10″ middle tier
  • white chocolate buttercream for the 8″ top tier

A thin layer of very subtly flavoured vanilla fondant icing covers each cake.

It was lovely to be present when the cake was cut, but it was a tense few moments (on my part) when folk started to eat the cake! Fortunately, people were eating it quite happily. And my harshest critic (me!) enjoyed a slice.

The proportions for the sponges can be found here.





Author: Philip

Very much into baking and general cooking.