Monthly Archives: June 2015

Chouxnuts 1: cheese & chives flavour

What with cronuts, maclairs and other arguably gimmicky – but oh-so-delicious – food hybrids, I fancied seeing what would happen if I deep-fried choux pastry. I had never deep-fried choux pastry before but deep-frying here gives amazing results: these chouxnuts, as they are now known in my house, really do give a terrific doughnut effect. As […]

“It’s a Baking Thing”: their top 10 baking blogs

The wonderful folk at It’s a Baking Thing have selected 10 of their favourite baking blogs, and I am delighted to be in their list. What a lovely surprise and such an honour. I have been following all of these blogs – plus many others – for some time: well, apart from my own….surely it would be […]

Strawberry & lemon sherbert sourdough cronuts

Cronuts, doughsants or whatever you want to call them, are always a delightful treat: shatteringly crisp exteriors with light layers of buttery interior……what more can you want from what is certainly one of the more indulgent things one can eat? As I mentioned in my initial post on cronuts, I used to make versions of these decades ago by deep-frying circles of my […]