Floating maltesers Cake with salted caramel ganache

I made this cake for my 6th formers at school. Maltesers have always been my favourite sweets: honeycomb and chocolate – a perfect match. And with salted caramel being a thing of such beauty, why not use these for a cake?

The flavours:

This “floating sweets look” is certainly nothing new, but it is fun!  But it really is all about flavour: a cake must taste excellent; a nice-looking cake that tastes just okay is never going to be good enough. So my driving force here is flavour.

I went for 2 layers of chocolate Victoria Sandwich cake and sandwiched it together with a salted caramel ganache. The cake was then crumb-coated in a thin layer of this ganache.

The recipe for both the cake and the buttercream is on my general cakes cake tips post.

The technique:

To the filled and crumb-coated cake you stick chocolate scrolls around and then place Maltesers all over the top, pushing them gently into the ganache. You could, of course, use Maltesers all around the cake.

I have seen Floating Maltesers cakes where wire and the like has been used to get the effect, but I took the idea for the construction here from the quite brilliant Britt Whyatt.

To get the height and the overflowing effect you simply melt a little milk chocolate and dip Maltesers in it, one at a time. You then use the melted chocolate as a glue, holding each Malteser for a few moments in place until the chocolate just sets. Continue until you have the height and angle you want: you get a very stable structure!

For the floating bags, you again use some melted chocolate dabbed inside each bag and lightly press each bag up against one of the Maltesers until it is stuck in place: this is the bit that needs a steady hand!

The finish:

I brushed a little edible gold glitter lightly over the Maltesers, as well as at the tips ofmthe chocolate scrolls and then casually over the scrolls just so that it wasn’t too brown in appearance.

I also broke some of the Maltesers and stuck them over randomly to enhance the gold effect. As well as giving me bits to eat!

The cutting!

The cutting is the challenge as the Maltesers will shatter, but this hardly matters as picking up stray Malteser pieces around the cake board is part of the fun!


Author: Philip

Very much into baking and general cooking.

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