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Baking Heaven Magazine is a terrific baking magazine: each issue has such a wide range of stunning recipes and baking tips from a variety of inspiring bakers. Perfect to thumb through and drool at the pictures, but I defy you not to get out the scales and get baking!

It was, therefore, an honour to have three of my recipes selected for publication in the Easter issue. As with other magazines I have been fortunate to have my recipes published in, it is both humbling and thrilling to be alongside real pros in the world of baking.

I thoroughly recommend the roasted walnut macarons and Creme Egg cookies that I have just baked (far too easy to devour!). I am currently selecting more bakes from the other mouth-watering recipes in there: the blackcurrant ripple custard doughnuts are next on my list.

A taster of my three recipes from this issue is below:


Author: Philip

Very much into baking and general cooking.

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