Monthly Archives: July 2017

Choux buns with blackcurrant craquelin & blackcurrant and white chocolate cream

Who doesn’t love a choux bun or éclair? Crisp pastry, creamy filling and a sticky topping…..such a treat! And they are so simple to make, yet look deceptively difficult. This time, however, I have made a batch with a crunchy biscuit topping, a craquelin: I have eaten choux buns with a craquelin topping on several […]

Neapolitan gateau

This is a cake version of my partner’s favourite ice cream from childhood: a Neapolitan (or Harlequin), an ice cream block with layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream. I made this cake for our birthdays (a day apart, so it happily served 2 purposes!). For the flavours here I have gone for: vanilla and […]

Orange and pistachio madeleines

Sweet, buttery and melt-in-the-mouth, madeleines are a treat for any occasion. I have gone for madeleines that are flavoured with ground pistachios and orange zest. This recipe is my variation on Michel Roux Jnr’s recipe for madeleines: I have just flavoured the batter with pistachios and orange zest. For a plain, though no less enticing […]

Salted caramel pistachio brittle

This very easy pistachio caramel is not only a great sweet to eat as it is, it so versatile for adorning all manner of cakes and sweet desserts: you just snap off pieces, put them in place and away you go. You don’t need to add the salt but I love the flavour it brings. […]