Peach Bellini macarons

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Macarons that have a fruity tang tick every box for me, and if there is a kick of alcohol in the filling then I am all over them! These Peach Bellini macarons are little bites of pure, unadulterated indulgence.

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I use my standard macaron recipe (which can be found here), into which I normally add a little fruit powder.

However, this time I used flavoured icing sugar (Peach Bellini flavour) that I bought from Sugar & Crumbs. I must say, it is a wonderful product, adding natural flavour – and intensity – to both the shells and the buttercream filling.

I simply replaced the standard icing sugar in the recipe with the flavoured icing sugar, and it really does give a beautiful flavour to the shells.

I coloured the shells with just a little food colouring: here I used orange and purple – purely for the fun of it.

Once I had cooked the shells, I dipped them into melted white chocolate and sprinkled over some dried raspberries (one of my go-to ingredients!), leaving them to set before filling.

A wickedly indulgent Bellini buttercream filling!

For the filling, I beat equal weights of soft unsalted butter with the flavoured icing sugar, along with a little amount of orange food colour and, crucially, Prosecco: just enough to give the alcohol flavour I wanted in the buttercream.

As buttercream can split or curdle when you add liquid to is, I beat in a little more of the cooled melted white chocolate.

Proportion-wise, for this batch I used 2 egg whites (which was just under 80g for these particular eggs), and for the filling I used:

  • 100g soft unsalted butter
  • 100g Sugar and Crumbs Peach Bellini icing sugar
  • 50ml Prosecco
  • 50g melted and cooled white chocolate



Author: Philip

Finalist on Britain’s Best Home Cook (BBC Television 2018). Published recipe writer with a love of growing fruit & veg, cooking & eating.

3 thoughts on “Peach Bellini macarons”

  1. Oh, I am smiling ear to ear…. not only you probably know I am a macaron-addict, but guess what? I have a macaron post ready to go live in 12 hours, and I also used flavored icing sugar!!!! how cool can that be?

    great minds blog alike! That’s gotta be it!

    loved the decoration on your macs… and the flavor.. wow, I must make them

    Liked by 1 person

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