Key baking tips

These are tips for some of the key areas of baking, which I am adding to gradually. The links below go to my full recipes and guidelines.

The guidelines summarise what works well for me, giving reliable results that I am very happy with: and I tend to measure “happy with” by how easily I can devour them and how confident I am to serve the bake to others!

Baking issues!

That said, I am by no means an expert: just a very keen home baker who loves eating and loves working on a technique until I feel comfortable with it.

And I certainly have baking issues occasionally and each time it is certainly frustrating at the time, but it is a matter of getting back on the horse: a successful second go easily wipes away disappointment from an earlier issue!

But mistakes, even disasters, are a good way to learn before moving on. Although that can, of course, be easier said than done! 

Time to bake

Although many bakes are not dashed out in moments, there are many shortcuts and getting ahead tips for the more time-consuming bakes.

But even those more time-consuming bakes do not really require that much hands-on time: often it is simply a matter of waiting for a dough to prove, a cake to bake and cool, a pastry to chill and the like….during which times, you can get on with other things.

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Breads (using commercial yeast)
Cakes: making, flavouring & decorating cakes
Croissants & pains au chocolat
Shortcrust pastry & baking blind
Rough-puff pastry and other laminated pastries
Choux pastry (sweet & savoury)

Unless otherwise stated, most recipes are my twists on classics or my attempts at creating something a little different. All photos are of my bakes.

The links to a selection of my favourite cake recipes are here:


  1. Great tips section Philip. Easy to follow for an eager novice like me. I will soon be attempting croissants with your guidance. You need to publish your telephone number so I can call you when I get stuck 🙂 🙂


    1. Thank you Dan. I hope you enjoy the croissants. They really are great fun to make


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