Publications & baking demos

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I love developing recipes that I have created after one of my “I wonder if that will work?” moments. The fun of working on a recipe until I feel it is just right is one of the key driving forces in my baking.

And I do like to tweak a recipe, whether it is one of my own or someone else’s, while trying to remain true to the heart of it!

Magazine publications & baking projects

I am always happy to share baking ideas or donate recipes from this blog, or specifically create a recipe to a given brief: a creative challenge is always right up my street!

I have been very honoured to have been able to create recipes and provide baking tips for magazines that I love to read, including:

As an amateur baker, it is always a thrill, not to mention humbling, to be asked to submit one of my existing recipes or create one from scratch.

With magazines it is always a joy to be able to see my recipes alongside those written by professional chefs and bakers I have been inspired by for years.

A baking book wish

It is very much one of my ambitions to extend my recipe writing from both this blog and those I have done for magazines to write a baking book: I have so many book ideas, with a few of the ideas already planned out, even down to the key recipes………..

And while there are many of my own recipes on this blog, there are many hundreds more recipes both in my head and scribbled down: some are just at the idea stage, many are being developed and many more are raring to go!

Baking promotions

In terms of baking-related promotions, I have also very much enjoyed working the following:

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Baking demonstrations and masterclasses

I have been delighted to have been invited to deliver several baking demonstrations, group masterclasses and one-to-one informal baking lessons around my area (Surrey, UK), which has been an exciting area of development for me.

I love combining my passion for baking and the skills I use every day as a teacher. And it is so rewarding to see others have the confidence and the enthusiasm to then “have a go” themselves with their baking.

Recent demonstrations and lessons I have delivered have focused on:

  • chocolate work
  • canapés
  • choux pastry
  • macarons
  • bread making
  • baking with seasonal produce
  • preparing Afternoon Tea

I was also given the opportunity to give a cake decorating demonstration at the Elmbridge Food Festival.

If you are interested in working with me in any capacity, even with a quirky baking related idea (and I do have a weakness for quirky!), please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please also get in contact with me if you would like to use any of my recipes on this blog in a publication.

With best wishes and happy baking,



5 thoughts on “Publications & baking demos”

  1. hi Philip. great blog and great writing. We have baked your Sainsbury’s recipes several times over in this house and I personally can’t get enough of the chocolate and salted caramel torte. My husband is addicted to the lemon and raspberry tart! I made a double batch of the chocolate torte just before Christmas, froze it and now take out a chunk as I need it. I can’t wait to try more of your bakes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Where do I find the recipe for the lemon and raspberry tart please? I live in the USA so do not have access to Sainsbury’s magazine.


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