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Recipe categories

  • Finger food
  • Starters, salads & soups
  • Tarts & pies
  • Brunch, lunch & mains
  • Room for dessert
  • Tea-time treats
  • Biscuits
  • Macarons
  • A slice or two of cake
  • Bread – including sourdough
  • Viennoiserie: croissants & related pastries
  • Preserves
  • Home-made dairy
  • Home-made chocolates & sweets

I have graded the recipes as Easy (E), Medium (M) or Challenging (C). Many of my recipes that involve pastry can be made easier and quicker using shop-bought pastry or pre-baked pastry cases, and I have referred to these in the recipes.

Unless otherwise stated, all recipes on Phil’s Home Kitchen (incorporating Baking Fanatic) are my own.

Finger food

Arancini – beetroot, walnut and goats cheese (M)
Aubergine pakoras (E)
Baba ghanoush: with cumin & caraway flatbreads (E)
Baba ghanoush using a blowtorch! (E)
Beetroot & spiced yogurt dip (E)
Caraway and cumin flatbreads (E)
Coronation chicken vol-au-vents (M)
Crispy chicken skin (E)
Deep-fried spiced courgettes (E)
Fennel breadsticks – focaccia style (E)
Fennel seed and smoked garlic grissini (E)
Gougères: savoury cheese choux (E)
Parmesan, basil and toasted pine nut canelés (E)
Pea & ham filo bites (E)
Sausage rolls: the very best! (E)
Sausage rolls: chorizo & fennel, in a spiced rough-puff pastry (M)
Sausage rolls: herby (E)
Sausage rolls: spiced lamb and pistachio, in spiced pastry (M)
Sausage rolls: mustard & caramelised onion (E)
Savoury doughnuts with a red pepper chutney filling (C)
Scotch quail eggs in black pudding (C)
Sourdough flatbreads in about 20 minutes! (E)
Spiced smoked haddock vol-au-vents (M)
Spiced cauliflower fritters (E)
Spiced, crunchy chickpeas (E)
Spiced prawn and crab spring rolls (M)
Sun-dried tomato hummus (with seeded flatbreads) (E)
Thai fish cakes with home-made curry paste (E)
Thai prawn bites in a coriander & sesame seed pastry (M)
Thai prawn crackers from scratch – with YouTube demonstration (M)
Tomato & pesto canapés (E)
Warm crab choux bites (E)

Starters, salads & soups

Aubergine pakoras (E)
Beetroot, walnut and goats cheese arancini (M)
Bruschetta (E)
Carrot, cucumber & courgette salad (E)
Char-grilled courgette salad (E)
Chicken liver pâté: a very easy version (E)
Chicken, peach & Feta salad (E)
Chinese steamed pork & prawn dumplings – jiaozi (M)
Curried cauliflower soup with cumin & onion flatbreads (E)
Crab bisque (E)
Panzanella – a fabulous bread salad (E)
Roasted cauliflower soup (E)
Soda bread: basil, pine nut and roasted garlic (E)
Spiced lamb egg chops (M)
Sticky Thai wraps (E)
Sticky soy chicken wings (E)
Sweetbreads: pan-fried in garlic, lemon & caper butter sauce (E)
Thai fish cakes with home-made curry paste (E)

Tarts & pies


Asparagus and chicken tart (E)
Beef & ale pasties (M)
Beetroot, goats’ cheese and walnut tart (E)
Caramelised onion & smoked cheese quiche (M)
Chicken, tarragon & roasted onion pithivier (M)
Chicken, chorizo & sweetcorn plaited tart (M)
Hot-smoked salmon & horseradish tart (M)
Pissaladière (E)
Poached salmon & asparagus tart (M)
Pork pithivier pie (M)
Roasted cauliflower cheese tart (M)
Scotch pies (M)
Smoked ham and fennel tart (E)
Spiced smoked haddock & leek tarts (M)
Spiced smoked cod & fennel tart (M)


Apple, marzipan & mincemeat tart (E)
Lemon cheesecake tartlets (E)
Lemongrass custard tarts (C)
Mince pies with pistachio Viennese biscuit topping (M)
Mince pies with orange shortbread base & a macaroon topping (M)
Passion fruit & peach mini tarts (M)
Salted honey tart (M)
Treacle tart with a hint of orange (M)

Brunch, lunch & mains

Beetroot, goats’ cheese and walnut tart (E)
Chicken, tarragon & roasted onion pithivier (M)
Chicken, chorizo & sweetcorn plaited tart (M)
Curried lamb shanks in spiced yoghurt- Nalli Gosht (E)
Duck egg brunch (E)
Gorgonzola, pear and walnut cheesecake (E)
Lamb tagine (E)
Ragu sauce- the best ever! (E)
Scotch pies (M)
Spiced chicken and asparagus stir-fry with courgette & carrot salad (E)
Spiced smoked cod & fennel tart (M)
Spicy tortilla slices (E)
Stilton cheesecake with balsamic & honey roasted shallots (M)
Tandoori chicken wraps (E)
Tangy chicken curry (E)
Wild rocket pesto pasta with chorizo (E)

Room for dessert

5-minute passionfruit & lemon cheat’s trifle (E)
Apple, marzipan & mincemeat tart (E)
Blackberry and apple crumble (E)
Black Forest Gateau (C)
Chocolate & raspberry roulade (M)
Chocolate & salted caramel mini cheesecakes (E)
Coffee dacquoise with caramelised hazelnuts (C)
Mango and lime “Egg cup” desserts (C)
Ginger & tamarind sticky toffee pudding (M)
Mirror glazes: for a stunning finish to cakes and desserts (E)
Mocha walnut pavlova (E)
Orange and vanilla rum babas (M)
Raspberry & dark chocolate mousse domes (C)
Rhubarb and white chocolate ice-cream (E)
Spiced brioche pudding in lemongrass custard (E)
Spiced, minted fruit salad with raspberry sorbet (M)
Strawberry & lemon dacquoise: with a cheat’s version! (C)
Tiramisu roulade (M)
Watermelon and lime sorbet (E)

Tea-time treats!

Savoury treats:

Brie scones with bacon jam (E)
Cheese & onion crumpets (E)
Herby sausage rolls (E)
Roasted onion & smoked cheese scones (E)
Spiced lamb and pistachio rolls (M)
Spiced smoked haddock scones (C)
Sun-dried tomato & cheese scones (E)
Tomato and basil English muffins (M)

Sweet treats:

All about cupcakes (E)
Blackberry and apple friands (E)
Blackcurrant & raspberry éclairs (M)
Cherry & smoked chocolate brownies: gluten-free (E)
Chocolate and orange mini rolls (C)
Chocolate & salted caramel éclairs (M)
Chocolate & cherry sourdough brownies (E)
Choux buns with blackcurrant craquelin (M)
Cherry, walnut and maple syrup pastry bites (E)
Coffee, pecan & salted caramel truffle torte (M)
Date and walnut tea loaf (E)
Earl Grey tea scones (E)
Earl Grey tea & chocolate cupcakes (M)
English breakfast muffins (M)
Fondant fancies: blackcurrant and mint (M)
Fondant fancies: lemon & raspberry (M)
Fondant fancies: orange and passionfruit – using whisked sponge (M)
Fondant fancies: pina colada (M)
Fruit cakes with clementine icing (E)
Fruity éclairs with tangy fondant icing (M)
Jaffa cakes: Pimms cocktail flavour (M)
Lemongrass & ginger canelés (E)
Orange & pistachio madeleines (M)
Rhubarb, ginger & white chocolate muffins (E)
Rocky road: salted caramel & pretzel (E)
Sfogliatella pastries with honey, orange and pistachio filling (C)
Spiced cranberry & orange baklava (M)
Strawberry millefeuilles (E)
Traditional scones (E)



Biscotti: cranberry, orange & fennel seed biscotti (M)
Biscotti: cherry & clementine (M)
Biscotti: chocolate, cherry & almond biscotti (M)
Biscotti (savoury): olive & rosemary savoury biscotti: gluten-free (M)
Biscotti (savoury): sun-dried tomato, basil & pine nut biscotti: gluten-free (M)
Bourbon biscuits with mocha ganache & caramelised sugar (C)
Cashew nut & cocoa nib snaps (E)
Cheese, caraway & walnut savoury biscuits (E)
Chocolate & strawberry shortbreads: gluten-free and vegan (M)
Ginger and lemon iced biscuits (E)
Lemon & honey Valentine shortbreads (M)
Pistachio & passionfruit shortbreads: gluten-free (M)
Salted caramel shortbreads (M)
Viennese biscuits: cinnamon & orange flavour (E)


Blackcurrant and mint macarons
Blueberry and raspberry macarons
Ginger snowmen macarons
Passionfruit macarons
Peach bellini macarons
Pimms macarons with Pimms ganache & minted cucumber jelly
Pistachio and lemon macarons
Pistachio and strawberry macarons
Savoury macarons: smoked salmon & horseradish
Smoked-salted caramel & bitter chocolate macarons
Tiramisu macarons

A slice or two of cake

Battenberg cake: lime & ginger (M)
Battenberg cake: rhubarb & ginger (M)
Battenberg cake: salted mocha & walnut (M)
Battenberg cake: chocolate & orange (M)
Black Forest Gateau (C)
Carrot cake with tangy cream cheese & white chocolate topping (E)
Cascading Maltesers cake (M)
Chocolate and orange spiral drip cake (M)
Chocolate & cherry sourdough brownies (E)
Christmas cake (E)
Date and walnut tea loaf (E)
“Death by Chocolate” drip cake (M)
Harry Potter Spell Book birthday cake (C)
Lemon and poppy seed cake (E)
Lemon & vanilla Victoria sandwich cake: with proportions for most sizes of cake tin (E)
Lemon drizzle cake (E)
Lemon, strawberry & elderflower wedding cake (C)
Lime & passionfruit drizzle cake (E)
Galangal and lime cake (E)
Ginger and lime cake – with YouTube demonstration (E)
Gingerbread cake – sticky, rich and fulfilling! (E)
Guinness and chocolate cake (E)
Lemon and elderflower cake (E)
Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea cake: a novelty party cake! (C)
Mocha & salted caramel Angel food cake (M)
Mocha walnut loaf cake (E)
Neapolitan gateau (M)
Oscars-themed drip cake (C)
Raspberry & dark chocolate cake (M)
Rhubarb, ginger & white chocolate muffins (E)
Salted mocha opera cake (C)
Spiced lime & poppy seed bundt cake (E)
Spiced orange and rum cake with mirror glaze (M)
Spiced pear & ginger cake (E)
Stem ginger & lime loaf cake (E)
Sticky gingerbread cake (E)
Vegan glazed fruit & nut Christmas cake (E)


Yeasted bread:

Baguettes, using very little yeast (M)
Black garlic bread rolls (E)
Black treacle and Guinness bread (E)
Burger buns: brioche-style (E)
Caraway and cumin flatbreads (E)
Ciabatta with a little rye (C)
Cumin & onion flatbreads (E)
English breakfast muffins (M)
Fennel breadsticks – focaccia style (E)
Focaccia: a fool-proof recipe (E)
Focaccia: chorizo & Parmesan, no knead (E)
Focaccia: chocolate and cherry (E)
Focaccia: higher hydration, no knead (E)
Focaccia: anchovy, onion & garlic (E)
Focaccia:roasted garlic and rosemary (E)
Focaccia: roasted onion, chorizo and Parmesan (E)
Focaccia: smoked ham with confit onions (E)
Focaccia bicolore (M)
Fool-proof onion bagels (M)
Fougasse: rosemary and roasted garlic flavour (E)
Hot cross buns with attitude (M)
Multi-grain bread made with smoked flour (M)
Panettone – citrus and vanilla (M)
Panettone – chocolate & spiced orange (M)
Saffron & roasted garlic bread (E)
Seeded flatbreads with sun-dried tomato hummus (E)
Spiced brioche boule (M)
Spiced onion and chilli bread (E)
Sun-dried tomato & basil bread (M)
Walnut & raisin “tear and share” bread centrepiece with melted Brie (M)

Sourdough bread:

Beetroot & toasted walnut sourdough (M)
Cheese & ale sourdough (M)
Cheese, olive and tomato sourdough (M)
Cheese & onion crumpets (E)
Chocolate, cranberry & orange sourdough (M)
Deconstructed pesto sourdough loaf (M)
Fennel seed and smoked garlic grissini (E)
Green olive and rye sourdough loaves (M)
Pear, walnut & Gorgonzola sourdough loaves (M)
Sourdough baguettes (M)
Sourdough croissants (C)
Sourdough flatbreads in about 20 minutes! (E)
Walnut & raisin sourdough (M)
Wholemeal sourdough crumpets (E)

Non-yeasted bread:

Soda bread: basil, pine nut and roasted garlic (E)


NB: all of the recipes below that use croissant dough can be made using either the shortcut croissant dough or the traditional recipe.

Anchovy, shallot and olive tart on a croissant-dough base
Apple & cinnamon Kouign-Amann pastries
Bi-coloured viennoiserie
Bitter orange pains au chocolat
Chocolate & cherry brioche
Chocolate and ginger viennoiserie
Cruffins: bacon & goats cheese
Danish pastries: peach
Danish pastries: spiced orange & vanilla
Ham, cheese & mustard whirls
Lemon sherbert cruffins
Kouign-Amann pastries
Mini ginger Kouign-Amann
Sausage rolls in croissant pastry
Sourdough croissants
Strawberry & lemon sherbert sourdough cronuts


Bacon jam (E)
Bread & butter pickles: spicy, sweet cucumbers (E)
Blackcurrant curd (E)
Chilli jam (E)
Gooseberry chutney (E)
Pear chutney (E)
Piccalilli (M)
Pickled shallots (E)
Quick pickled vegetables (E)
Raspberry curd (M)
Rhubarb & strawberry cordial (E)
Spiced aubergine & tamarind pickle (E)

Home-made dairy

Earl Grey Tea butter (E)
Goats’ cheese (E)
Lemongrass clotted cream (E)
Mascarpone cheese (E)
Roasted coffee bean butter: an ingredient in its own right! (E)

Home-made chocolates & sweets

Cashew & cocoa nib snaps (E)
Crisp gingerbread cake bites (E)
Home-made chocolates: Baileys (M)
Home-made chocolates: blackcurrant (M)
Home-made chocolates: cappuccino (M)
Home-made chocolates: coffee & walnut (M)
Home-made chocolates: gianduja (E)
Home-made chocolates: posh Bounty Bars! (E)
Home-made chocolates: raspberry (M)
Home-made chocolates: smoked sea salted caramel (M)
Home-made chocolates: toasted nut (M)
Salted caramel pistachio brittle (M)
Smoked salted honeycomb (E)




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  1. Hi Phil, absolutely love your website, your recipes are so different and exciting and your photos, well, they are a joy!! You really inspire us ‘have-a-go’ cooks. I’ve just been trying to find a couple of recipes and, as always, looked on your web first but sadly I don’t think you’ve done them. Do you have any future plans to have a go at Rillettes (pork preferably) and Tiffin? Keep up the GREAT work, stay safe 🙂


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