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I have organised my recipes into the categories below. All recipes are either my own take on classics, developed from scratch from random ideas I have had, or my attempts to recreate bakes I have particularly enjoyed when eating out.

Please do contact me if you would like any clarification with any of the recipes.

Recipe categories:

Click on the category title to whizz down the page to see the recipes in each category.

Savoury nibbles & light bites
Odds & sods!

In addition, my baking masterclasses page has full guidelines, tips and troubleshooting advice for a selection of key areas of baking.These areas currently include: bread (using both commercial yeast and sourdough starter); cake making & decorating; croissants; macarons, shortcrust pastry; rough-puff pastry.

Difficulty level

In terms of difficulty, I have labelled the recipes E, M or C for Easy, Medium or Challenging, respectively, basing these at the enthusiastic home baker level.

As with anything, challenging or daunting bakes such as macarons, croissants and some of the pastries become easier once made a few times, opening up a whole world of exciting bakes.

Many of my recipes that involve pastry, for example, can be made easier using shop-bought pastry or pre-baked pastry cases. My croissant-related recipes can be made easier using a short-cut croissant dough (recipe given below).

New to baking?

If you are starting out on your baking journey, I can recommend several bakes to start with that are quite easy, taste great and do not take long to make. The following immediately come to mind:

For the experienced baker

There are several recipes on my blog that are well suited for those who like more of a baking challenge. Some of these more challenging recipes include:

However, even my more challenging recipes can be adapted to use short-cuts or have components that can be made in advance, and I have given pointers when this is the case.

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Bruschetta (E)
Butternut squash savoury muffins (E)
Cannelés: Parmesan, basil and toasted pine nut (M)
Cauliflower cheese & roasted garlic bites (E)
Cheese & chives chouxnuts: deep-fried savoury choux pastries (M)
Chorizo & fennel sausage rolls in a spiced rough-puff pastry (E)
Coronation chicken vol-au-vents (M)
Crab cakes (E)
Croissage rolls (special sausage rolls in an easier & quicker croissant pastry) (M)
Gougères & other fabulous savoury choux bites (E)
Mini savoury doughnuts with a red pepper chutney filling (M)
Mini filled savoury choux balls: variety of fillings (E)
Mushroom canapés (M)
Mustard & caramelised onion sausage rolls (E)
Panzanella: my sourdough take on the classic (E)
Panzanella: store-cupboard style! (E)
Pea & ham filo bites (E)
Prawn gyozas: savoury dumplings (M)
Roasted red pepper soup (E)
Roast beef & horseradish canapés (E)
Simple crab canapés (E)
Smoked mackerel canapés (E)
Smoked mackerel pastry rolls (E)
Smoky aubergine dip: with cumin & caraway flatbreads (E)
Spiced lamb and pistachio rolled in a spiced pastry (M)
Spiced smoked haddock vol-au-vents (M)
Spiced prawn and crab spring rolls (M)
Thai prawn bites in a coriander & sesame seed pastry (M)
The very best sausage rolls (E)
Tomato & pesto canapés (E)
Warm crab choux bites (E)

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Apricot shortbread (E)
Biscotti: cranberry, orange & fennel seed biscotti (M)
Biscotti: chocolate, cherry & almond biscotti (M)
Biscotti (savoury): olive & rosemary savoury biscotti: gluten-free (M)
Biscotti (savoury): sun-dried tomato, basil & pine nut biscotti: gluten-free (M))
Bourbon biscuits with mocha ganache & caramelised sugar (C)
Cashew nut & cocoa nib snaps (E)
Cheese, caraway & walnut savoury biscuits (E)
Chocolate teacakes (C)
Lemon & honey Valentine shortbreads (M)
Mince pies with pistachio Viennese biscuit topping (M)
Mince pies with orange shortbread base & a macaroon topping (M)
Parmesan and ham savoury tuiles (E)
Pistachio & passionfruit shortbreads: gluten-free (M)
Salted caramel pretzel rocky road (E)
Salted caramel shortbreads (M)
Simple ginger and lemon iced biscuits (E)
The simplest cheese, caraway & walnut biscuits (E)
Viennese biscuits: cinnamon & orange flavour (E)

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Earl Grey scones with raspberry curd (M)
Lemon & clotted cream scones (E)
Roasted onion & smoked cheese scones (E)
Spiced smoked haddock scones (C)
Sun-dried tomato & cheese scones (E)
Traditional scones (E)

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Yeasted bread:

Apple, walnut & cider bread (M)
Brioche Stollen with a citrus marzipan (M)
Camembert, sultana & ale bread (M)
Ciabatta with a little rye (C)
English breakfast muffins (M)
Easy caraway and cumin flatbreads (E)
Farmhouse loaf with a touch of rye (M)
Chorizo & Parmesan focaccia: no-knead (E)
Fennel breadsticks – focaccia style (E)
Focaccia: higher hydration, no knead (E)
Focaccia: anchovy, onion & garlic (E)
Focaccia:roasted garlic and rosemary (E)
Focaccia: roasted onion, chorizo and Parmesan (E)
Focaccia: smoked ham with confit onions (E)
Fool-proof onion bagels (M)
Fougasse: black olive flavour (E)
Fougasse: sun-dried tomato and Comté cheese flavour (E)
Fougasse: rosemary and roasted garlic flavour (E)
Hot cross buns with attitude (M)
Jam Doughnuts (C)
Pain de campagne: using a pre-ferment (M)
Pizza: using focaccia dough and just ingredients to hand in the kitchen (E)
Roasted garlic breadsticks (E)
Roasted garlic, red pepper & parmesan bread “flower” (C)
Multi-grain bread made with smoked flour (M)
Seeded flatbreads with sun-dried tomato hummus (E)
Simple black garlic bread rolls (E)
Slowly fermented baguettes with very little yeast (M)
Spiced brioche boule (M)
Sun-dried tomato & basil bread (M)
Walnut & raisin “tear and share” bread centrepiece with melted Brie (M)

Sourdough bread

NB: most of these sourdough can also be made using commercial yeast (details given in the recipes)

A standard sourdough loaf: the basic recipe with full techniques from making a starter to the baked loaf (M)
Beetroot & toasted walnut sourdough (M)
Cheese & onion sourdough crumpets (E)
Cheese, olive and tomato sourdough (M)
Chocolate, cranberry & orange sourdough (M)
Deconstructed pesto sourdough loaf (M)
Easy fennel seed and smoked garlic grissini (E)
Easy sourdough crumpets (E)
Local cheese & ale sourdough (M)
Pear, walnut & Gorgonzola sourdough loaves (M)
The simplest, quickest sourdough flatbreads in about 20 minutes! (E)
Walnut & raisin sourdough (M)

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Savoury pastry bakes:

NB: several mini pastry bakes are in my savoury nibbles & light bites section above

Bacon and brie tart (E)
Beef & ale pasties (M)
Beetroot, caramelised shallot & goat’s cheese tarts with walnut pastry (M)
Beetroot, goats’ cheese and walnut tart (E)
Caramelised onion & smoked cheese quiche (M)
Cheese & onion pasties (E)
Chicken, tarragon & roasted onion pithivier (M)
Croissaladière (C)
Easier ham, cheese & mustard croissant whirls (M)
French Pork Pie with chestnut & apple (M)
Full-English breakfast rolls! (C)
Hot-smoked salmon & horseradish tart (M)
Mini BLT éclairs: gluten-free (M)
Piccalilli & black pudding pork pie with a cider jelly (C)
Poached salmon & asparagus tart (M)
Crab & chilli tarts: gluten-free (E)
Quick & easy gluten-free sausage rolls (E)
Red onion tarte tatin (M)
Roasted cauliflower cheese tart (M)
Scotch pies (M)
Simple crab & asparagus tart (E)
Simple asparagus and chicken tart (E)
Spiced smoked haddock & leek tarts (M)
Smoked salmon tart (M)
Spanakopita with caramelised onions & pine nuts (C)
Spiced smoked cod & fennel tart (M)
Stilton, pear & piccalilli pork pies (C)
Vegetable suet puddings with a cheese & mustard sauce (E)
Wild mushroom tart: gluten-free (M)

Sweet pastry bakes:

Blackcurrant & raspberry éclairs (M)
Cannelés: lemongrass & ginger (M)
Chocolate & salted caramel éclairs (M)
Chocolate & cherry “chouxnuts” (M)
Cherry, walnut and maple syrup pastry bites (E)
Coffee & hazelnut cream horns (C)
Lemon meringue pies: my take on a handed-down classic (C)
Lemongrass custard tarts (C)
Mince pies with pistachio Viennese biscuit topping (M)
Mince pies with orange shortbread base & a macaroon topping (M)
Mini chocolate choux buns: gluten-free (E)
Passionfruit & strawberry custard slices: gluten-free (C)
Passion fruit & peach mini tarts (M)
Raspberry cream horns (C)
Sfogliatella pastries with honey, orange and pistachio filling (C)
Quick apple tart (E)
Raspberry frangipane tarts (M)
Sour cherry & white chocolate pastries (C)
Spiced cranberry & orange baklava (M)
Treacle tart with a hint of orange (M)

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NB: many of these are challenging because of the croissant dough needed for the recipe, although they can be made easier using a short-cut croissant dough (recipe below)

Croissants dough: the full recipe for croissants, pains au chocolat, shaping, tips & troubleshooting (C)
Short-cut, easier croissants (M)

Amaretto cherry pains au chocolat (C)
Apple & cinnamon Kouign-Amann pastries (C)
Bitter orange pains au chocolat (C)
Chocolate & ginger pastries (C)
Chocolate & cherry brioches (E)
Quicker & easier peach Danish pastries (M)
Kouign-Amann pastries with a touch of salt (C)
Lemon frangipane croissants (C)
Mini passionfruit & vanilla cronuts (C)
Mini ginger Kouign-Amann (C)
Morello cherry & kirsch pains au chocolat (C)
Orange & rhubarb Danish pastries (M)
Strawberry & lemon sherbert sourdough cronuts (C)

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TIPS: cake making and decorating

Basic cupcakes (E)
Carrot & walnut muffins (E)
Carrot cakes with white chocolate & cream cheese icing: gluten-free (E)
Checkerboard cakes (C)
Cherry & smoked chocolate brownies: gluten-free (E)
Chocolate & orange Battenberg cake (M)
Chocolate birthday cake with mirror glaze (M)
Christmas mini-cakes with clementine icing (E)
Lemon & vanilla Victoria sandwich cake: with proportions for most sizes of cake tin (E)
Coffee & walnut Battenberg (M)
Coffee, chocolate & rum opéra gateau (C)
Crisp gingerbread cake bites
Dark chocolate & orange gateau (M)
Earl Grey tea & chocolate cupcakes (M)
Floating maltesers cake with salted caramel ganache (C)
Fondant fancies: lemon & raspberry – using Victoria sandwich sponge (M)
Fondant fancies: orange and passionfruit – using whisked sponge (M)
Fruit punnet Madeira cake (C)
Galangal and lime cake (E)
Gingerbread cake – sticky, rich and fulfilling! (E)
Glazed fruit & nut Christmas cake: vegan (E)
Guinness & chocolate ombré cake with Guinness chocolate truffles (C)
Jaffa cake-inspired gateau (M)
Jaffa cakes! (M)
Pimms cocktail jaffa cakes (M)
Lemon drizzle cake (E)
Lime & passionfruit drizzle cake (E)
Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea cake: a novelty party cake! (C)
Mini Victoria sandwich cakes (E)
Mocha & salted caramel Angel food cake (M)
Orange & cardamom drizzle cakes (E)
Orange and rhubarb cupcakes; gluten-free (E)
Oscars-themed drip cake: “death by Chocolat” (C)
Passionfruit & raspberry swiss roll with passionfruit ganache (M)
Pistachio & lemon Fraisier cake (C)
Raspberry & dark chocolate cake (M)
Raspberry genoise slices (C)
Rhubarb & ginger cake (E)
Special rich fruit cake (E)
Spiced lime & poppy seed bundt cake (E)
Salted mocha & walnut battenberg cake (M)
Spiced pear & ginger cake (E)
Stem ginger & lime loaf cake (E)
Victoria Sandwich Cake: gluten-free (E)
Walnut & mocha French fancies (M)

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Black Forest Gateau with caramel glazed cherries (C)
Black Forest Gateau with chocolate cherry mirror glaze: gluten-free (C)
Blackcurrant & white chocolate mousse entremets (C)
Blackcurrant mousse gateau (M)
Caramelised orange & chocolate roulade (M)
Chocolate mousse cake (M)
Chocolate praline dessert cake (M)
Chocolate roulade (M)
Coffee dacquoise with caramelised hazelnuts (C)
Coffee, walnut & salted caramel truffle torte (M)
“Egg cup” cakes! (C)
Joconde imprime fruit mousse entremets (C)
Mango & passionfruit cheesecakes domes (M)
Mocha walnut pavlova (E)
Quick and easy chocolate & salted caramel mini cheesecakes (E)
Raspberry & dark chocolate mousse domes (C)
Rum babas (M)
Spiced brioche pudding in lemongrass custard (E)
Strawberry & lemon dacquoise: also with a cheat’s version! (C)

St Émilion au chocolat (E)

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NB: these macaron flavours are at about the same level of difficulty, ie) challenging if you have never made them before, as it is all down to making the macaron shells. However, macarons do become much easier after you have made a few batches.

Macarons: the basic recipe with tips on how to perfect them

Blackcurrant marshmallow macarons
Ginger snowmen macarons
Macaroons, as opposed to macarons!! (E)
Nut-free macarons
Orange & cranberry macarons
Pimms macarons with Pimms ganache & minted cucumber jelly
Pineapple and coconut macarons
Savoury macarons: smoked salmon & horseradish
Smoked-salted caramel & bitter chocolate macarons
Tangy raspberry macarons
Tiramisu macarons

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Beetroot chutney (E)
Bread & butter pickles: spicy, sweet cucumbers (E)
Chilli jam (E)
Gooseberry chutney (E)
Raspberry curd (M)
Piccalilli (M)
Pickled shallots (E)
Quick pickled vegetables (E)
Rhubarb & strawberry cordial (E)

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Almost instant strawberry ice cream (E)
Blowtorch baba ghanoush (E)
Chicken, peach and Feta salad (E)
Coloured mirror glazes: for a stunning finish to cakes and desserts (E)
Home-made goats’ cheese (E)
Home-made raspberry chocolates (M)
Home-made tangy blackcurrant chocolates (M)
Roasted coffee bean butter: an ingredient in its own right! (E)
Roasted beetroot soup (E)
Sous vide duck egg brunch (E)
Sous vide pork tenderloin with creamed leeks and chorizo (M)
Smoked salted honeycomb (E)
Spiced chicken and asparagus stir-fry with courgette & carrot salad (E)
Spiced, minted fruit salad with raspberry sorbet (M)
Sun-dried tomato hummus (with seeded flatbreads) (E)
Watermelon & lime sorbet (E)

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